4 Surgeries or Procedures That Could Change Your Life in 2020

It’s the beginning of a new year, and many people have already begun new habits to transform their lives. Goals like losing weight, making time for creativity, or simply enjoying more quality time with family are great for making 2020 your happiest year yet.

However, some people may benefit most from a medical surgery that could free them from pain and mobility limitations. In this blog we’ll outline some surgical procedures we offer which give patients the chance to live the life they want.

1. Lower limb salvage surgery

Patients at critical risk of losing a limb to amputation may be candidates for a limb salvage operation. These complex, highly advanced surgical procedures can involve Orthoplastics and microsurgery to enable the patient to keep and regain function of their leg or foot. The keys to success are timing and surgeon expertise. Identifying the precise surgical procedure needed and performing it at the appropriate time are imperative to saving the limb.

Equally important is the surgeon’s skill. Dr. Pereira has an 85% success rate with reconstructing and salvaging limbs that were recommended for amputation by other physicians.

2. INBONE Total Ankle Replacement

Ankle arthritis and damage from trauma can result in chronic pain. Until recently, options for surgical treatment were limited. The INBONE Total Ankle gives patients a new alternative to either living with pain or opting for an ankle fusion. With design elements proven successful in hip and knee devices, this new ankle replacement implant is made to last and provide patients with pain-free ankle mobility.

3. Non-Surgical Mortan’s Neuroma removal

Rather than a surgery, this is actually an alternative treatment that gives patients the same result with faster recovery than surgery. Morton’s neuroma results in pain typically felt on the ball of the foot between the third and fourth metatarsals. The nerve sheath in this location thickens over time, eventually causing nerve fiber deterioration.

With a non-surgical procedure performed in our office, we can isolate the sensory nerve causing the neuroma, stimulating it with an electrode. We then create a lesion on the nerve resulting in denervation of the neuroma. The patient experiences the same pain relief as with a surgical excision, but they are able to stand and walk immediately after the procedure is complete.

4. Tendon repair

Either an acute or repetitive injuries to a tendon may result in a rupture or complete tear. This is when surgery becomes necessary. For athletes and active individuals, the complete loss of mobility due to a severe tendon injury can be unnerving. However, the right surgical procedure can result in a complete recovery and a return to activity at a high level.

For some patients, Dr. Pereira may recommend a direct repair with a graft. In other cases, a tendon may be transferred to take over the function of the damaged one. Either way, the goal is always to deliver the outcome that’s right for the patient.

Here’s to a Happy New Year!

We look forward to another great year, and we wish the best for you. If you find yourself in need of a surgical procedure for an acute or traumatic injury, we’re here to help. We can also help you address an issue like foot pain or nerve damage that’s been slowing you down for years. The best way to start is by calling or stopping by our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Pereira.

Happy 2020 to you and your family from ours.

4 Surgeries or Procedures That Could Change Your Life in 2020