Peripheral Nerve Microsurgery

Nerve related symptoms range from numbness, tingling, burning, electrical, sharp stabbing pain with radiation up or down the affected limb. If motor nerves are affected muscle weakness of the extremity may be evident. Upon evaluation Dr. Pereira will formulate a treatment plan that may or may not include peripheral nerve microsurgery to repair the nerve.

Peripheral nerve microsurgery is utilized to treat nerve related pain due to trauma, failed surgery, diabetes, chemotherapy induced pain, rheumatoid arthritis, foot drop, and other conditions.

There are various microsurgical techniques utilized to repair nerve injury. They range from external and internal decompression, transposition, excision, repair with or without conduit, repair with autograft , repair with allograft and nerve transfers.

One of the main reasons for nerve surgery is failure of pain to resolve within the expected time period, worsening pain or continued loss or diminished muscle control.

Dr. Pereira has been able to achieve an 80 percent success rate with patients across all types of conditions.