Get Bunion Surgery in St. Augustine and Walk Away Happy

Bunion surgery can get you back on your feet again, enjoying life and wearing the shoes you want. It’s a life-changing surgery for those who’ve been struggling with excruciating bunion pain for years—and the good news is that it can be done as an outpatient procedure in our convenient location on Anastasia Island.

Read on to find out how bunion surgery can be the right treatment for you, and about how walking out the door can be one of the first steps in your recovery.

“Do I need bunion surgery?”

Treatment of bunions doesn’t always require surgery, but it may be the best option if wider shoes cannot accommodate the enlarged bone behind your big toe. Every case is unique. The only way to know the best course of treatment is to see a specialist experienced in treating bunions both with or without a surgical procedure.

A number of different reconstruction techniques can be prescribed for bunion correction—age, bone structure, and the presence of other medical conditions (such as diabetes) can all affect bunion treatment.

While every case deserves its own treatment plan, a common objective of every patient with bunions is pain relief. Left untreated, pain worsens over time, eventually limiting or even eliminating walking. For this reason, bunions should be addressed and treated at whatever stage you’re at currently. Not only can we get you back to enjoying an active life pain free, it can also save you from years of limited mobility.

“Where do I go for bunion surgery?”

Surgery doesn’t have to mean going to the hospital. Outpatient bunion surgery is convenient in our comfortable, relaxed office environment on Anastasia Island. Our friendly staff focuses on making your experience as transparent and positive as possible.

Have a question? Just ask. No need to press the call button and hope for a response. We also offer comfortable areas for your friends and family to wait, and there are many convenient nearby restaurants for them to run out for lunch without having to worry about finding a parking spot again when they get back.

“How long is bunion surgery recovery?”

Of course, every recovery is as unique as the treatment plan itself. The good news is that immediate walking may be prescribed after bunion surgery. This means that walking out of our office might be the first few steps you take in moving on with your life after bunion pain relief.

In some cases, however, recovery may require up to 8 weeks of keeping weight off the surgical foot. While a longer recovery requires some short-term adaptations and support from friends, family, or in-home caregivers, we do our best to help you plan out your recovery before the surgery occurs. This gives you time to choose the best time of year to have the surgery based on after-care needs.

The bottom line with bunion surgery is that it is intended to be a life-changing surgical procedure. The aim is to relieve pain, improve mobility, and allow the patient to stop planning their life around their bunions.

To find out the right course of action for treating your foot pain, give us a call or stop by for a consultation with Dr. Pereira.

Get Bunion Surgery in St. Augustine and Walk Away Happy