5 Reasons Patients Choose Us as their St. Augustine Foot and Ankle Clinic

Foot and ankle clinics in St. Augustine provide a wide range of services, from foot pain relief to chronic wound care and nerve microsurgery. So how do patients choose which clinic is the right one for them? For many of our patients, it comes down to some key differentiators that set our facility apart from others.

In this blog, we’ll share a few reasons why patients tell us they initially chose Anastasia Medical Group.

1. Comprehensive care by a highly experienced team

We take a holistic approach to treating patients. Our team consists of physicians respected throughout the medical profession, and each of them is Board Certified in their individual specialty. We have the in-house talent and resources to perform complex limb reconstruction and some of the world’s most advanced surgical procedures.

Patients know that we will offer them the treatment best suited to the outcome they want—whether it’s getting back on the field as soon as possible or finally getting to live pain free.

2. Many areas of practice, from surgery to physical therapy

With a team of physicians and medical professionals who specialize in a range of areas, Anastasia Medical Group can offer a wide range of services. We treat patients suffering from complications from diabetes, as well as injured athletes, car accident victims, and those seeking corrective surgery for natural deformities that impair their mobility. Our team works closely with each other to ensure a holistic approach to each treatment, meaning patients get the best options for a fast, complete recovery.

3. Comfortable, relaxed setting for medical care

Park, walk a few steps to the door, and be immediately greeted by a member of our staff in reception. Whether you’re coming into our office for a physical therapy session or a life-changing reconstruction surgery, it’s a more comfortable and relaxed experience than checking into a busy hospital.

4. Referrals from other patients

Area physicians often refer patients to us for specialized medical procedures, but the most meaningful referrals are those from our own patients. We strive to put every patient on the fastest road to recovery, and knowing that they trust us to do the same for their own friends, family, colleagues, or students is incredible because it means we’ve earned their referral through exceptional patient care.

5. Convenient location for outpatient services

Our outpatient treatment center on Anastasia Island is easy to find, offers close parking, and lets patients avoid the hassles of visiting a hospital. Since we offer many of the services hospitals provide like chronic wound care or foot and ankle surgeries, our convenient location is a nice alternative for many patients.

5 Reasons Patients Choose Us as their St. Augustine Foot and Ankle Clinic